Friday, January 16

^I once asked a Jesuit priest what was the best short prayer he knew. He said, "Fuck it,' as in, "Fuck it; it's in God's hands."
^Today is the tomorrow i was so worried about yesterday!
- Anthony Hopkins.

Sunday, January 11

==> Parking ticket at KG cinemas, which i thought, was lost ! I paid 10 bucks again!
==> Ten things that you will come across in GCT.
==> A worn out ID card and LLR.
==> Copy of driver's license with a photo in which i look like an alien!
==> Some bills. I dunno why i keep them still.
==> Designs for my new dollar.
==> 312 bucks.
==> My dad's first sudoku paper. I worked out in the newspaper, and he did it in a piece of paper. I finished it in 20 mins. He took half a day! :)

-The contents of my Wallet.

Friday, January 2

Online again!

# Atlast, I got attention of the people at bsnl and i'm online again! 7 days without internet was hell!
# yatho yatho kawasaki, atho atho mitshibushi, sowbaghyaa!
# 10000 days in the fire is long enough.
You're going home...
# 'Naan Kadavul' trailer was different, asusual :D.
# New year eve, all seasons, bunch of guys, one cake, was fun! :)
# Another year. sigh.
It would be nice if 2008 repeats itself :|

Thursday, December 18

Simbu's new movie Silambaatam released today in four theaters across the town.

I still dunno how the hell I went for that movie on the first day!!

Saturday, December 13

Spark Of Insanity

I came to know about Jeff Dunham, the ventriloquist and his buddies some days before and liked it ever since! It simply superb!
Here’s some of the buddies from ‘spark of insanity’. For those people concerned about their bandwidth, I have given the size of the video too :). Walter and peanut are my favourite!
CAUTION: Knee Pads ‘avail’ pannikonga :D.

Walter part-1
9 min – 24 mb

Walter part-2
10 min- 25 mb

Walter part-3
4 min – 11 mb

Peanut - the purple woozle
7 min – 20 mb

Achmed - the dead terrorist
10 min – 25 mb

Thursday, December 11

Fun :)

lux, tubelight, Mr.Sincere, Sri Hari.M and "rory's first kiss", with popcorn. Was fun! :)
P.S: Yama, SK and chandler missed it :(

Wednesday, December 10

Mind (your) language!

Having a blogger account means you can have a webpage the way you like, with the words you want in it, with utterly useless and pointless posts like this at one o’ clock in the morning :P, and also with the language you prefer from a list of 40 languages that blogger supports.
Speaking of languages, I wonder how sophisticated it is in this world. Webster dictionary online defines language as “the words, their pronunciation, and the methods of combining them used and understood by a community”. Well, it is sophisticated to define love, to define God, to define sin, to define imagination, to define definition, to define itself!
It was hard for people living in the Stone Age to express what was in their mind to the fellow barbaric, raw-flesh eating man in his loincloth. It was language, which was very primitive and limited at that time, which shattered the invisible barrier between their minds and helped them understand each other’s mind completely. Man made his mind transparent with the use of a tool called language.
Language evolved with every species in this world, and just like humans, who predominantly rule this tiny speck we call as earth for so many millennia now, language has a very firm upper hand over everything in this world. Without language there is nothing meaningful in this world. But, with all this vocabulary, with all this sophistication in language, did language fulfill what is expected of it or it would be better to ask “are we still using it to express what’s in our mind?”
In this fast-paced world some use machines to find out whether a person is lying or not, some use the magical word ‘trust’, and nobody knows for sure what the other person is thinking! They just have to trust the person or the machine. Increasing misunderstanding between families, friends, dear ones, increasing divorces, all these things stand as evidence. A person in this world seldom spends a day, without using language to hide what’s in his/her mind. It’s hard to spend even a single day, by expressing everything that comes up in our mind! Now a man’s mind is completely hidden with the same tool called language.
Everybody is born innocent and everybody is good at their heart, but not everybody is good at their actions. ” It's not who you are underneath, it's what you do that defines you”. Whatever comes out of your mouth, cannot be taken back. So, mind your language!

Tuesday, December 2

Gone Are Those Days When (GATDW)...

GATDW your mom pins the handkerchief with your shirt because you lose one everyday, and somehow you manage to lose the pinned kerchief too, with the PIN! Achievement!
GATDW you wait for lunch hour so that you can see your mom again but you realise five minutes later only that it's not even the first period! Those long hours of waiting!
GATDW you wait for your dad to return from office with a chocolate everyday, which never gets repeated at least for two weeks. Pure happiness, in your dad's face!
GATDW the girl sitting near you, fights with you because your note has just crossed the line, which she drew on the bench. Stupid then, memories now!
GATDW 'senthil anna' serves delicious vada and sweetest bholi's. Taste buds' Heaven!
GATDW you wait for 'swimming period' and wonder how it gets over before you realise it.
GATDW you sit in music class with your keyboard in front of you and let your mind wander near the auditorium where your favourite yoga classes would be going on.
GATDW a thin guy steps up to you in the basketball court and starts talking to you like you are his friend for ages. After the thin guy finishes, you'll reply, very modestly 'i joined this school only yesterday da!' Friendship!
GATDW you play a basketball match 10 vs 12th, the whole school watching and the funniest thing will happen when everybody is back to their classes and when the national anthem starts! *confidential part, censored from blog* ROFLLLLLL!
GATDW you are in hyderabad, Ramoji Rao film city, eating pani poori, ET with his excellent idea to pour the rock hard curd, ending up with curd in my shirt! Priceless!
GATDW you know no bounds and you camped at varun's place with Bharat! To know more about this please click me!! Euphoria!
Gone are those days when we had fun, GATDW we were happy, GATDW we were in school!
School days, man i miss them!! Wish i never grew up. Nostalgia!
Gone are those days! Long gone! :(

Sunday, November 30


So where was I? Yes. Back to blogspot. This following post was supposed to be posted a few days back ending my big exile from blogging, but due to obvious reasons, it’s getting posted today.
It’s said that time is like a flowing river and all what we have is the present moment and also that it doesn’t wait for anyone. Time is always constant. It’s not random. I don’t know what will happen to me in the next twenty minutes, but I know one thing for sure. The next twenty minutes will surely come and it will be lasting for twenty minutes (unless I travel at half the speed of light)! I may feel that the time is moving very slowly or very swiftly, but it’s not the time which is moving slowly, it’s your life.
All these days, I mean my no-blogging days, time played it’s trick on me too. I had days which went just like that, and of course there were days which never seemed to end. There were a lot of things I would’ve blogged about and here’s some of them.
- I couldn’t play for my college in this year’s zonals, and as usual our team flunked at the match. As usual we will play well in practice matches but lose in the match itself. Kinda like deccan chargers!
- I watched a movie called “10 items or less” starring Morgan Freeman and Paz Vega. I dunno why, but I liked it very much maybe because Morgan Freeman did a wonderful job which he does in almost every movie, or maybe because Paz Vega’s ‘Spanglishly’ accent was ‘cute’, or maybe because Paz Vega was cute :), or maybe because it’s the first movie to be released on theatres and online for free download at the same time or maybe because it’s just an one of a kind movie. It’s not the greatest movie, but it was nice! If you like Freeman then it’s a must watch!
- It’s a band called tool, suggested by shrey, on my playlist now. There are some good songs like ‘the pot’, ‘├ćnema’, ‘stinkfist’, ‘prison …’, but they are simply not porcupine tree! Steven Wilson rules!
- Dark knight, Dark knight, Dark knight. Everywhere it’s Dark knight. The new Godfather, I would say. It has everything in it, from great screenplay to great dialogues, from great direction to great acting, from great stunts to great ‘jokes’, it has everything. It’s amazing that so much could be done with a ‘comic book movie’ and it’s even amazing that many people does not see it as a superhero movie. Though, the only face you remember when you come out of the theatre is the paint-covered face of Heath Ledger, the movie has a lot of memorable moments and memorable dialogues. Nobody would’ve done the job better than Bale and there is Freeman and Caine as usual with their excellent acting . Dark knight, proof that only action and amazing visual effects is not needed to create a superhero movie and proof that even ‘comic book movies’ can be a masterpiece rather than stupid movies like the ‘superman returns’ :|
- This year GCT hosted the 13th brainstrain, and unfortunately I couldn’t be a part of it :( and it was my very own school which came first!
- A committee from “National Board of Accreditation” visited our college for the renewal of accreditation status. Meh.
- Pixar proves that animation movie is not only meant for kids with it’s latest and undoubtedly it’s best so far, WALL-E. So much values and so much satires, not an unusual in Pixar movies.
- Prison break has become more predictable, or maybe they should stop it with this season.
- 5 semesters have passed by and I still don’t know why I am learning so much things, writing them in a piece of paper for three hours and calling myself an engineer!!

Saturday, November 29

United We stand

Finally, a horde of inhuman 'man look-alikes' were slaughtered in a more humane way, I would say, considering their acts, at the end of the third day. The media are calling this the 'India 9/11', but what I feel is that we should forget this and bring back Mumbai the way it was on November 26th morning. This is not a big win for Indian cricket team over the Australians to remember. It's not dear ones who stabbed our mother India's heart, but it's the darkness trying to cast a shadow over her footprints.
It's good to see many angry bloggers expressing their disgust towards these 'schizophrenics', aptly put by my friend, it's good to see people joining hands and praying for the souls which unwillingly departed, and it’s good to see some good hearts really weeping for the departed. Let the departed rest in peace.
Let us all try to forget the terror and remember the innocent young souls like sandeep unnikrishnan, one of the most valiant, selfless, real heroes of our nation.

Thursday, November 27

guns, bombs, blood - The Happening

It's that familiar feeling! The feeling I've been missing all these days! The kind of feeling you get when you sit in front of your computer, hearing a playlist that you created spending a lot of time, and letting your thoughts and imaginations flow through your finger tips (literally).
It's wonderful to be back, BlogSpot!

A rather sad welcome I would say after reading the papers today morning. The front page of “THE HINDU” read “RASH OF TERROR ATTACKS IN MUMBAI” with a photograph of an injured man being carried in a trolley used to carry freight in railway stations! The paper went on to say “A.K. Sharma, Railway Police Commissioner, said two or three persons, carrying AK 47 rifles and grenades entered the Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus with AK 47 rifles at 8.35 p.m. and opened fire indiscriminately and the panic-struck people rushed out.” The first thing that came to my mind was, apart from the fact that AK 47 is mentioned twice in the sentence, “is this a dream?”
The death toll is over a 100 now and still there are hostages with a gun pointed at their face. Now I am convinced and very pissed off that it is NOT a dream.
General Manager, Taj hotels, the dream job for many people. Not from today! Taj hotel GM’s wife and three children butchered by these insensate, inhuman living things who are, in their own way, sane! I remember reading a quote “We are sane in our own crazy ways” from my friend's blog, only this time I prefer not to grin.
I have been to railway stations a lot of time in my life. I haven’t seen a single man with a Kalashnikov in his hand, emptying his rounds at innocent people, all in the name of God? Or because of the fact that he lost hope in human life and he had no other option but to join a terrorist organization? It’s a highly impossible event, that too in India, or that’s what I thought! These things are happening right now as I type these words with an extra force on the keys, maybe because I am very angry to see this nation like this!
The England cricket team have left, the champions trophy has been postponed by an year, Mumbai stock exchange-closed, a man with gun and grenades at railway station, foreigners held as hostages at hotels which stood majestically over a century, terrorists stealing police patrol cars and roaming around the city shooting at people, bombing in major cities, and not to mention, I am sitting in a city where more than 10 bombs took the life of many souls. I wouldn’t be surprised if I see a guy walking over to me and asking for me to kneel not with a knife or switchblade in his hand, but a .45 or even a Kalashnikov! Is this where India is heading? Will India be a superpower in the year 2020 or will Indian schools announce Kevlar as the uniform?
Why do these ‘animals’ do this? What are they trying to prove by killing innocent people? Are they going to rule a world where there is nobody left to rule? Let them blow up a building, we can rebuilt it. Why hotel managers, why people in railway stations?
I don’t know whether to be happy that I didn’t happen to be in these places when it happened or sad that the country I am in is on fire. Whatever maybe the case, the hard thing is “we humans are destroying this world with this civilised life, more than saving it!”

Sunday, February 24


Back to Blogspot! From now on, i will be posting my stories in my wordpress blog (so that i can protect them) and i will be posting my irrelevant ideas here in blogspot :D

"When I was young, I couldn't sleep at night.
Because I thought there was a monster in the closet.
But my brother told me there wasn't anything in the closet but fear. And fear wasn't real. He said it wasn't made of anything, it was just
air. Not even that. He said you just have to face it.
You just have to open that door,
and the monster would disappear."
A quote from the famous TV series, prison break.

"valiance is hiding your fears from your enemy"
-Kamal in kuruthi punal.

Both of them tell the same thing. Everybody fears. Only the entity (not necessarily physical) which frightens them vary.

So here is a tag about fear!
I tag chandler, shiv, shankar, vatsa, deepak, tubelight!

1. What do you fear the most? (other than cockroaches!)
I am very very scared of heights, scared of snakes and scared of this! :|

2. what is the Scariest moment when you were with your friends?
Nothing of that sort. Results maybe! :D

3. Uncommon/weird/interesting/surprising phobias that you have.
pressure cookers!! I am very much afraid of pressure cookers!

4. You know its not possible, yet it scares you! (If any!)
This is really silly. The Antagonist of my story, scares me sometimes. I created him, yet he scares me!

5. Which character scared you the most? (movie, novels,etc)
Dr.Hannibal lecter!

6. Fears that you had during your childhood like 'the infamous boogeyman under the bed' or 'the monster in the closet'?
We had this big tank in our house. Its an open tank and it was in our bathroom.(kinda like a bathtub but this was made out of cement and very big!).

(What do you expect? Big tank full of water! what more? Monsters come out of it!)

P.S: The starting lines (the tune) of the track 'Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Zindagi' from 'jaane tu...' are familiar! :O

Wednesday, December 5

Down the memory lane...

The crowd was huge. The uproar lifted the RC building whenever a name was announced. He straightened the turban and cleared his throat. The coat was a little long but that was not a major problem. How is he going to face the crowd? How is he going to inspire the crowd?
The speakers cried "Here comes mahakavi bharathiar". His palms began to sweat. He walked with his knees together as if they have been glued to each other. The crowd was so focussed which made his palms sweat further. Gathering all the confidence that he had, he stepped up the stage and faced the crowd. Hundreds of faces with anticipation. The mike was a little higher. A person came up and adjusted it promptly.
Have you ever scanned hundreds of faces in a second and found a known face? Many of us have not. But on that day he did. He found a familiar face in the crowd watching him through the window. He opened his mouth and started saying the famous "odi vilayadu" song. The anticipation in the faces vanished. It was not replaced by inspiration either. Instead there was a myriad of expressions. His palms were drenched in sweat.
The audacious, bodacious bharatiar will not do that. The words didn't come out of his mouth. His ears didn't hear anything, his eyes were wide open and gazing at the audience as if they were from abyss. The mike which usually amplifies the sound, seemed to operate in the opposite way. The song seemed to be lasting for ages. The audience didn't understand what they heard. After what seemed to be like a millennium he got down from the stage. He didn't hear the applause which lasted just for 10 nanoseconds!
After a while...
The speaker cried again "second prize... Bharatiar from UKG-B!!"

Monday, November 19

Osho - strange consequences

Halo 3 trailer

the two movies that is in my mind for a long time

Welcome to the eleventh dimenison!

Now who doesn't like these

Russell peters
(hey sharan i have the DVD!)

400$ Omlette!

The classic rivalry!

Donald duck (watch this...)

Friday, November 9

A new addition

A new addition to my iball cabinet... A mid-end card delivering high end performance.. Really... given below are some screenshots from various games including CRYSIS...

My card is supporting high graphics in crysis!!!! just a level less...!

This one is from a software called ascgen...

The original image...

Thursday, October 25

The longest day in my life part-II

OMG! How will i return home... first of all how would i get my photo?? Questions raining in my mind... It was raining outside too. Monday, october 22nd was one hell of a day for me and for coimbatore... heavy rain all over coimbatore...
I didn't bring my DIO. It's raining and it's already 6 o clock...
"hey did you bring your vehicle?"
"what da?"
"I think my pep needs a drink!!"
The pep+'s 90 cc (i guess i am right) engine started again, but it was raining hard this time... It pierced the cold water this time (The downpour was so heavy that my aura was full of water) carrying two people... Me and Ajay...
I took a right turn even though my house was on the left side... 'Time for a drink' i guess... It was so smooth... so smooth than DIO... I couldn't hear the engine running or was it the rain that has caused the muteness... I couldn't feel the vibrations too... It was like the engine was never started... So smooth or am i wrong??? Yes i am... The engine has turned off... It was pouring hard and i am already wet inspite of the ample shelter given by an umbrella (borrowed, ofcourse) for the two of us... So i got down and i pushed it towards the petrol bunk... I tried a lot of times but it didn't start... It started after sometime and zoomed to the bunk after pushing it for nearly 100 mts...
Back on the road, my mind began to calculate the probability of me being caught in a traffic jam if i traveled straight after venkatapuram signal... It was greater than 1 (I suck at math)... So I went through the road which has the famous 'centum' suresh tuition centre... My calculations were wrong... I didn't calculate the probability of me being caught in a POND!!! So i took the parallel road which also was no exception... The pond was right next to sharan's apartment..!!
Somehow i reached my home (NSR road, church road, a right after darwin tuition centre, first left and through the road bordering the so called "peter's pitch" right, right, left.......... HOME) and went inside... My mom was giving me a "who-is-this-guy?" look... I took my photos and avoided JUJU staring me as if i am from 'high charity'...
Back on track (light drizzle this time)!!! I heard the phone ringing... Ajay attended it and it was our class rep... He asked us to buy gum because the whole class was perfect like me!!!
So i stopped near the stationary shop, my body shaking from top to bottom... so did ajay... If you have no faith in zombies, then you have to consider it one more time because two zombies just entered a shop... That's how we were walking!!!
As i opened my purse to take the money, i found a familiar person... So small... yellow shirt and a glass... that looked like a photo... Yes indeed it was a photo and it was MY PHOTO!!!!

Wednesday, October 24

The longest day in my life part-I

What not to do at GCT!!

I woke up at 6 i guess... Oct 19 was the date on the calendar in my room... But actually it wasn't... It was actually 22nd... yeah i didn't "update" it for 2 days (do the calculations)... i "updated" it and i thought "What if (i hate 'what if's) the calendars and the days were relative... Like if i didn't "update" it for two days then the day when i "update" it will be as long as three days!!" Now i am thinking "why did i think that way!!!"
THE PLAN for the day was:
* Vikram (Tenga) and ET (Sri hari) coming to my house at 2
* We chaffer, play, eat and i move to my college at 4 to collect the hall ticket (the exam was starting the next day!!)
* I come back and prepare for the practical exam

Et and tenga made it to my house somehow.... At 2:45...! It was actually punctual according to our standards!! Tenga picked ET in his maruthi 800 and arrived to my house... Et after seeing the halo 2 game, was glued to the seat... I was on the last level of the game and We both finished the game to see the ending video which we have seen many times in youtube before halo 2 was released in PC... The game has may disadvantages in PC... I have played in xbox (varun's place) and in PC and the game sucks in PC...
"Halo" - this word takes me out of the topic often... The same thing happened that day too... The time was already 4:30... Our faculty advisor who has to sign the hall tickets was returning from Erode and he has not reached the college... 4 became 5:30... so I went with tenga leaving my DIO at my home (yeah, this is an important scene)... We went to pick tenga's mom from work and reached tenga's house... After a little chat we reached the gates of GCT... leaving me there, ET and tenga left for ARC...
*getting hall ticket
*Tenga picking me at 6 or 6:30 and vroooming to kausthub's house and to my house (both are not very far away, in fact they are very close!)
*preparations for prac at 7
*Tenga catching a train at 9

He started the 'big Green machine' with just a gentle pres of a button... The self start, a smart invention... The Green scooty pep+ pierced the cold air and reached GCT parking lot in not more than 5 minutes... The fuel indicator was very lazy to rise even when the battery was on... some problem with the indicator or simply there is no fuel in the petrol tank (This is important too!!)... I hope the first one is true...

The plan (the revised one, ofcourse) was perfect... I still have lot of time... I didn't bring the gum to paste the photo in.,,, OMG! where is the photo???
"i brought it da... I am sure"
"you must've kept it in some note, but you didn't bring any note"
"Ahh my poor memory... Think... Did I keep it in a note??"
"you better go home and bring it"

Without further ado i took the phone and called ATenga (that's how i have stored it)...
"dei tenga, where are you?"
"ARC da"
"come soon da... I forgot my photo"
"hey sorry da... I have to catch a train at 7 and i cannot pick you up da... sorry da"
Rest in part two...

Monday, October 22

My IV....

GCT, EEE 2nd year for IV... Bam... Yes you are right it was ooty... One day... Ooty, the last place you would ever wish for an IV... It was not that horrible... Any place on earth with your friends would be heaven...

I dunno what the hell i was saying!!!

Da gang!!

Da gang again!

Ah the pic!! This was not taken in a 'turn a lil' bit to ur left, say cheese' kind of way... He called me and i turned, as soon as my brain sensed that a picture is going to be taken, it forced a smile as it requires minimum muscle movements...

It's the iceman who comes out victorious after what has bee a thrilling and exciting season right from the first qualifiers to the belgian chequered flag.... It's his cool head (rightfully called as ICEMAN) that has got him his maiden championship... A well deserved win for ferrari too... The race ending the weekend with a happy air... A new week with sem practicals coming up!!! Let the battle begin!

Sunday, October 21


8:00 clock... It was raining.. My jaws typewriting in the cold, i zoomed through the cold air on my DIO... I couldn't see anything because my spects didn't have wipers (like rajini had in
All these obstacles didn't seem to bother me because I was on my way to my grandma's house... After a long time... My cousins and my aunt were there... I know it is an odd time to see them, 8 o clock in the dark... Nevertheless the excitement was very high.. My cousin was waiting for me to play WWE RAW in his computer (even though the game sucks , i like it when i play with him)...
I reached there within 30 mins... it was not the welcome i expected... Silence everywhere... She lay beautiful and humble as ever in her specially made mattress... My cousins sitting around her... 13 years and 6 months since i first saw her as a baby... It was like yesterday... I could still remember my uncle bringing her. Very small and cute even when she was the size of my fist which was small at that time...
Those days!!! Cricket at 6 o clock with professionals and a long, joyful jog around the ground, coming back home in the old green LML vespa... Those days with our friends in the 'compound house'! those fearful days during deepavali... I can still remember the day when she was hiding inside the kitchen, afraid of crackers... The day when she had four cute little babies... All flashed before me when i saw her lying as if she was sleeping...
Madhu bala was it's name (my grandma named it just like that because she was on the television dancing, and we didn't give any convincing name.. The name we suggested was sweetie.. lol.. I came up with olive!!)... A very quiet dog (except the time shouting at cats or at invisible cats when we say 'meow'!) which did nothing even when my cousin started hitting it with whatever he gets... Both were very small at that time!!!
I always wonder why time travels very fast even though it has some 'speedbreakers' like fluid mechanics classes... Those days passed very swiftly... Now she lay in front of me waiting to go under the earth...
I had been in a situation like this before... I know I will be in this situation sometime... Though i was prepared it happened (many, (including me) think (thought) that this would not happen)...
A silent drop from my lacrymal gland fell hard on the floor...

Monday, October 8

The 25th!


Yeah it is my 25th post!! (My 25th CRAP!!!)
All of a sudden, this number 25 has been in my ears for so many reasons!
This is my dad 25th year as an engineer!
Also this is the 25th year of his service!
Most awaited halo 3 (The biggest launch, bigger than spiderman 3, according to THE HINDU!!) released on 25th of september (which is my best friend's B'day!)!

Lot of 25's... So i was thinking about my 25th post... What to write? How about 'road sense'... DO NOT overtake by the left, wait until you get the "GREEN SIGNAL", blah blah... It is my 25th post, not any campaign! So what should i do? Write something about the number 25?!
THINK, THINK!!! Loads of thinking lead to nothing... NOTHING!!

It was 7:00 o clock... I was almost chewing the brush (It doesn't taste good though)!! I must write something interesting... My brain was searching (faster than google) my database... Found 0 results??!!! Is there anything in this world that is interesting??
That was the pressure cooker blowing the steam out of it like a dragon breathing fire! I wonder who in the world invented it... Really... To be honest it scares me... Weird huh? A small kitchen device made of aluminium did not scare me when i was in 11th, nor at 12th.. It was the IIPE coaching classes that was responsible...
The chemistry class.. The one which i like the most (it's because of the sir)... He started of with organic chemistry (my favourite)... the equation was a polymerisation reaction! The temperature for the reaction was nearly 3000 K and the pressure was 1200 atm... It was normal in polymerisation reactions to encounter such huge magnitudes.. It didnt bother me until He asked us "What do you think would be the pressure inside the pressure cooker?"
There were many answers... One said 300, one said 250... I was thinking 100 atm...
He said "Not even close"... So i thought it could be 1200 atm (How stupid am i to think it!!) as the reaction had this pressure... There were silence... He, with a small smile on his face said
"it is just 1.013 atm!"

Saturday, September 22

My new WHEELS!!!

A lot of interesting things happened during my 'exile'... From my new WHEELS to F1, lots of events... some filled with joy, some with sadness...
-> First one... My new WHEELS, ADIDAS blindside 2...

Got it one month back... It was a memorable day.. Me, shiva and kausthub
after buying my shoe, went to SUBWAY (which was opened a short time before) in R.S puram... Had a good lunch (veg patty i guess)...

-> our basketball team managed to get 4th place in the BACAS (bishop appasamy college of arts & science) tournament after losing the 3rd place by jsut one point to sri krishna CAS (33-32)... We reached the semi finals after defeating three teams including govt arts, bishop ambrose cas and PSG cas... Three days of fun!!
-> F1 racing: McLaren was fined 100 Million Us dollars for spying and has been removed from the constructor's championship list... Good news for Ferrari and iceman fans!!!

-> colin mcrae, the Scottish rally driver died in a helicopter crash... He won the WRC title once in 1995...

Tuesday, September 18

Back with a bang!

"The chief" is back!

This time he is to make a big impression... yes folks the masterchief and me (the chief) are back...
It's been 8 weeks since i blogged :(... I know how grievous is that... The last two months went like a flash with three basketball tournaments, IBM classes, and guitar classes... There were so many interesting things happening in those two months which will be updated soon...
Meanwhile enjoy these screenshots taken by me from the Halo 3 teaser...

And here is the video!

This picture below is the halo 3 special xbox 360! Cool huh?

Thursday, July 19

The order is here

This is not a review!!!

This time it's the order of phoenix that thrills us!
When compared to book:
The movie is awesome... Most of the events were covered... No quidditch though :(
The book, which is the bulkiest, was not satisfactory (for me)... The movie was not that boring...
My favourite scene in the book would be Peeves obeying fred and george's words... Awesome.. Unfortunately it was not in the film... Imelda Staunton, an oscar nominee, has done her job perfectly... The exact expressions and behaviour as said in the book...
Overall rating - 8/10
I liked it!!
When compared to other movies:
When compared to other movies, this movie is not that good... I will place it between "prisoner of azkaban" (which is my least favourite) and chamber of secrets.. fourth place out of five films...
The first thing i didn't like about the movie was the editing... i could have done the job better!!! There were some good ones though like "the fire (after sirius's visit through it) changing into snow"...
Second thing is the music... "Hair-raising" effects and BGM for, for.. for..

HOGWARTS???? Sporadic!
Overall rating 6/10
I didn't like it!

Worth a mention:

David yates, the director, ha done his job with no par... Some great scenes:
1. Dementor (even though i didn't watch it!!! I Went late for the movie :P)
2. The dream (The one which harry has...
3. Fred and George "cracking"
4. The fight at the ministry (ministry was shown to us for the first time.. It was simply magnificent)
5. The fight between You know who and you know who!
6. DA

It's definitely a must watch for those who read the book... It's a good movie for those who doesn't notice both the Patils (Padma is in Ravenclaw) in gryffindor common room (This is a secret that can be shared within sisters, eh?)

Wednesday, July 18


I was wondering How would "the friends" react for what happened to me at the ATM... The result is this post... (for those who dunno wat happened to me at the ATM please read the previous post)
Read it with the exact expressions in your mind for maximum "fidelity of communication" :P

Firt comes joey...
Joey: How could they do this to meeee!! He's mean...
Chandler:yeah that's sick... Why were you at the ATM anyway?? Getting invisible money???
Joey: Nah! I forgot my PIN number!!

(It's 53639 :D)

Next comes Phoebe..
Phoebe:That's not nice.. That's sick... That's, That's WEIRD...

Oh my god, I LIKE HIM!!!

Me: I was speaking for him and he scolds me!! This sucks!
It totally sucks!!
ME:How could he.... How??
Chandler:I remember my teacher saying "SOUND DOESN'T TRAVEL THROUGH GLASS!!" and i believe that it's right!!

Now its your turn... try with the other three.. Gellars and Rachel...

Friday, July 13

My greatest antipathy

(A Post on friday the 13th)
Everybody in this world has their own aversions... Some people (Well most of them) don't like what they have... Some people dislike maths, some don't like Kamalhasan... But My dislike is towards certain kind of people...
It was nearly seven in the evening... I was on my motoscooter with my friend... We were going to a place where machine gives you your money... Tiny little drops of a liquid that brought life into existence were falling from heaven on my skin bringing the soothing chillness to my body which was tired after a long and very smooth basketball match... Good climate, good match... It was a good and consoling day...
My eyes were searching for it.. I couldn't find what i was looking for... After sometime the metal board finally fell on my retina... It was looking weird... there was two of them at either side of the road bearing the same word "PARKING"... I dunno where to park my DIO... A closer look at the board triggered my brain and I saw six words seperated by five commas below the "parking" sign.. JAN,MAR,MAY,JULY,AUG,OCT,DEC...
A sudden happiness... A voice inside me said "Hurray! You don't have to search for sign boards for parking henceforth.. You have to do it once and never again!! Yay"... With all the happiness I crossed the road and reached the ATM centre with a bunch of vociferous people...
The rain accrued and i can't feel the chillness anymore.. It was raining harder... After some minutes we went into the ATM centre... My friend was a bit slow.. I said "seekram... people are waiting outside". "Be ready to collect the money and the slip... We should leave as soon as we get the money... lot of them are waiting"... My friend, with a smile on his face, replied "ok ok... I will do it asap.. you dont bug me"... Suddenly there was a knock on the door. I was wondering why would a person knock on a door in an ATM centre.. He said something which i couldn't hear! Then he did a gesture which was processed by my brain as "come out soon".. I turned to my friend. He had collected the money and the slip.. I opened the door and the man said "Everybody is waiting here and you two are inside for ages!!"... I dunno what made him think such things.. We could have won the guinness record for "The fastest money transaction in an ATM"...
All my happiness was shattered... The tiny neurons in my brain which had the memories of a good day were destroyed... There was only one question "When people see two juvenile persons, Why do they always think that they are gallivanting or chaffering??" I was speaking for the people waiting outside and he thinks that i was clavering?? Did i do anything wrong?

Tuesday, July 10

nice ones

Got these in mail... Nice ones...

Friday, July 6

Tagged for the first time!

My first tag (nervous :P)... Tagged by "the Walking webster"...

1. Books that Changed Your Life
Mathematics volume-I (12th std)
(I am serious)

2. A Book that I have read more than once
All the harry potter books except 4th one (Which i like the most,this is what they call irony)
(I didnt read Mathematics volume-I more than once :|)

3. A Book You'd Take onto a Desert Island
ponniyin selvan and Alchemist

4. Books That Made You Laugh
Everybook make me laugh :|... Most funniest would be catch-22(major major major major)... I haven't read it but just had a glimpse... Have to get it...

5. Books That Made You Cry
cry? u kidding?
let me see...
Lord of the rings*
Bomb beyond ages and muthu talkies :P

6. A Book You Wish Had Been Written
Ponniyin selvan and brief history of time

7. Books You Wish Had Never Been Written
Barry trotter :P

8. Books You're Currently Reading
like the flowing river
shall we tell the president

9. Books You've Been Meaning To Read
catch-22 (Joseph Heller)
timeline (michael crichton)
state of fear (michael crichton)
A walk to remember
And any Robin Cook book... (Help me)

*lord of the rings- This book made me cry because it overloaded my poor little memory with lots of names... So i cried involuntarily (obviously i didnt complete the book and i never will)

Saturday, June 30


I got this cool wallpaper from a site... Just take a clear look at it... Nothing more to say!!! this picture speaks a lot... If you want a better look click here...

The game is called crysis by EA games... Look at the amount of foliage! This game promises that future games will have the most stunning real-like graphics...If you want more screenshots then click the links below...
results update
My 2nd sem results are out... Got 81%(it's less,for me)...

Wednesday, June 27

The boss

It is almost two weeks now since "the boss" premiered at more than 1000's of screens in nearly 30 countries... The film is a tremendous success and it is first ever Tamil film to enter U.K top ten... I watched the movie two times (yes two times, even though i said "one time watch movie")...
There are 7 Important things i have to speak about the film..
The first one. Cinematography by K.V.Anand... Surprisingly he has taken the camera for shankar and obviously he has done it with no par.

The vibrant colours, the beautiful angles and most importantly catching the sun light (in the climax scene)...

Next comes the art direction by Thotta Tharani.. A man who needs no introduction!! The sets were something beyond our imagination and no wonder he is my inspiration for my "scribbling"..

This is a sketch by Tharani for chandramukhi...

Next comes the direction... The director who is known for "huge films" with very high budgets.. He is also known for his good character... He worked as an Assistant director for Director S. A. Chandrasekharan (Actor vijay's dad!)... Shankar has marked his presence with the hugeness and his typical storyline..

Sujatha's dialogues was flexible with dialogues like "chumma adhirithula" and also dialogues having technical details... He also finished his job with no par...

Next comes the Editing by antony, The man who suppressed all the technicians by is editing in "sutum vili chutarae..."... He is in the picture right fron the first scene (where there is black and white mixed in the same frame) to the final climax...

Music by A R R.. I dont need to talk about it... All songs were good...

Last but definitely not the least "The Boss"... The super star has shown him in all dimensions.. style, comedy, action, sentiment... Rajini has finished his job with a lot of hard work...

Sivaji has clearly overthrown jhoom barabar jhoom not only in Tamil Nadu but also in northern states... Cooooool!!!